Tender Proposal/ Programme Development

Having the experience working on client side and contractor side, we understand what requirements of tender programme as how to meet to these requirements and enhanced the bidding outcome.
These days, many tender evaluation is based on 2 envelopes(Technical and Prices) system. One of the important consideration during evaluation of bids is the demonstration of technical competencies of the bidding company and project team.
The quality of the programme submitted is very important. It should demonstrate the various considerations taken such as site constraints and specific requirements, to produce a realistic timeline to deliver the milestones as specified in the tender specifications.
The tender programme should show sufficient details to illustrate all works activities to be carried out realistically. In doing so, the programme is required to have sufficient activities and linked logically so that the critical paths can be derived correctly. The programme is usually required to be submitted in P6 and MS Project, together with programme narratives, resource histogram, Projected Earn value S curve, Time Chainage Diagram and etcs, so as to enable the tender evaluation team to assess the feasibility of the bidding proposal.
The bidding exercise is understandingly a very exhaustive one. Within a short time, the company is required to assemble a bidding team from existing team. We understand most companies do not hired more staff unless they have secured the contract. As such, many of the members in the bidding may most not be involved in bidding full time, but also working on other existing projects as well.
As a planning and scheduling specialist, we can complement your talented bidding team and ease the workload of existing staff during these bidding period. We will work closely with your bidding team to plan and prepare a realistic schedule in fulfilling the specified milestones and key dates as specified in the tender specifications.
In addition, there is no need on your end to incur additional cost for acquiring additional scheduling software and spent unproductive time to learn the software. We have years of experience in not only planning and project execution, thus we will be able deliver the programme and schedule in double quick time.